"Without our listening, all the stories are the same story."
-Karen Joy Fowler, Mirror Mirrored Introductory Author

Hello. This is the website for the book Mirror Mirrored: A Contemporary Artists’ Edition of Grimms’ Tales


Gwarlingo and Uzzlepye are launching a new series of limited-edition classic books illuminated by contemporary artists, starting with 25 Grimms’ fairy tales.

We are presenting a fresh spin on these traditional tales by inviting artists to reimagine an eclectic mix of Grimms’ stories. Artists are presenting fresh and exciting 2d, 3d, and time-based pieces to accompany a tweaked version of Margaret Hunt’s translation by Yumiko Blackwell.

The production costs for the first edition have been successfully funded through Kickstarter. Until we go to press (soon!), though, U.S. residents can still preorder a hand-numbered, limited first-edition copy of the book from this page, at a special preprinting price, to be printed in 2016. (Please note your card will be charged immediately at the discounted preorder price. If you would rather wait until the book is printed and purchase it at a higher cost, please check back later.)

Please check back as this site develops and our project heads to the printer. Until then, you can stay updated through the social media links at the top or bottom of this page and preview some of the artwork for the book in the image to the right.


Mirror Mirrored Is the Brainchild Of…

<a href='http://www.corwinlevi.com/'>Corwin</a>
Corwin is a mixed-media creator and part-time flâneur. He studied art in Philadelphia, law in Virginia, and life around the world. He met Michelle at a residency in magic-land. You might hear some people refer to it as Wyoming.
<a href='http://www.gwarlingo.com'>Michelle</a>
Michelle is a writer, speaker, curator, and the founder of the Gwarlingo Salon and Gwarlingo, an online arts and culture journal. She is the recipient of a 2016 Wampler Art Professorship, and in 2015 she was named a “Top 100 Artist, Innovator, Creative” by Origin magazine. From 1999-2012 Michelle worked at The MacDowell Colony, the nation’s oldest artist retreat. Born in Atlanta and based in New Hampshire, she roams the world in search of mind-blowing art and the tastiest barbeque.

Meet the Artists Participating in Mirror Mirrored…