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Send some good karma into the world by supporting Mirror Mirrored. No one has attempted a massive remix project like this before; the love and labor that has been poured into Mirror Mirrored is significant. Your donation in any amount will help make this one-of-a-kind publication a reality, while also compensating our talented artists. Thanks to everyone who has already given!

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We are, as far as we know, attempting something that has never been done before: combining contemporary art with thousands of remixed vintage Grimms’ images to reimagine these fairy tales.

While we are nearing the completion of the first volume of our book, we would love a little bit of help to push us across the finish line.

Your donation…

1. Makes a one-of-a-kind project a reality
2. Supports our artists directly
3. Funds the printing of this unique, high-quality collection
4. Supports the research process and allows us to collect more vintage Grimms’ illustrations to remix into this volume, as well as future editions

This collection, the first of a series, will be a special, limited-edition book you will treasure for years to come. We would love for you to be part of making that happen.

Thank you for helping us bring a little extra magic into the world (or at least helping along some goose-girls and shepherd-boys, moon thieves, and ships that can sail on dry land).

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