Mirror Mirrored: The eBook


This product page is for the eBook version of Mirror Mirrored, which you can purchase and download through Google Play by clicking here, or through Apple Books by clicking here. Due to customers’ technical difficulties with pdf downloads, we unfortunately now only offer the pdf format through special request.

Mirror Mirrored: An Artists’ Edition of 25 Grimms’ Tales

eBook by Corwin Levi & Michelle Aldredge

Featuring artwork from 28 contemporary artists and introduced by Karen Joy Fowler
More than 250 remixed vintage illustrations
Translated by Eleanor Yumiko Blackwell
389 pages
(Hardcover available here)

Sample Pages

We are presenting a new spin on 25 Grimms’ fairy tales by inviting contemporary visual artists to reimagine an eclectic mix of Grimms’ stories. Artists are presenting fresh and exciting 2d, 3d, and time-based pieces to accompany a new translation by Yumiko Blackwell tweaking Margaret Hunt’s classic rendition of the tales. Additionally, we are remixing over 1000 vintage Grimms’ illustrations throughout the stories to flesh out the texts of each tale.




Handless Maiden-Rachel Perry


Juniper Tree Layout-Mirror Mirrored


Two Travelers-Martin & Munoz


Maid Maleen-Mirror Mirrored


Iron John by John Kelly

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