Contemporary Art Submissions for Wonder Tale Wednesday

Thank you for visiting Mirror Mirrored. As you might have noticed, every Wednesday we post a wonder tale on the blog and include vintage illustrations and/or a remix of those illustrations.

We are also happy to include, at the top of each such post, a piece of contemporary art, which, along with the artist’s information would then live on the post and also get emailed out in the Mirror Mirrored newsletter. (While we are not currently accepting submissions for future books, we are always excited to see new work and you never know…)

If you would like one of your pieces to be considered to be featured on the blog, here’s the lowdown.

1. Select a wonder tale. Please select a story that has been around since at least before 1923 so that it is in the public domain here in America. (A good place to start looking is the collection of tales by Andrew Lang, though that is just the tip of the iceberg.)

2. Reimagine that tale as contemporary art. Please think broadly and don’t feel you are limited to an illustration.

3. Email that reimagining (along with the name of the wonder tale and your source for the story) to with the subject line “Wonder Tale Wednesday Submission.” Please make the file at least 2000 pixels wide on its longest side and either uncompressed or at maximum compression so that it can be appropriately resized for the site. Also include your name as you would like it displayed and your website if you would like it linked to.

4. If your work gets selected to be shared, we will send you an appreciative and congratulatory email. If at that point you’ll then please sign up for the Mirror Mirrored mailing list, we will happily incorporate your work into a post in the near future. If your work is not selected, you might not hear from us depending on the volume of submissions, but we will try to thank everyone for shooting us a message.